Winter 2022 BB Special

Half Price Beef Eater Barbeque Offer

Half price BBQ Offer 2022

Offer Terms & Conditions
1. Promotion period – 1 st June 2022 to 30 th June 2022
2. Eligible participants must order an alfresco kitchen between 1 st June
2022 and (on or before) 30 th June 2022 by returning a signed
acceptance of a quotation and making the deposit payment.
3. BBQ must be of Beefeater Branding and from the available build in
4. Alfresco kitchen contracts must be of a minimum value of $12,000 prior
to BBQ discount.
5. Only one BBQ of half price per alfresco kitchen.
6. Kitchen must contain at least one other appliance at full retail costing.
7. BBQ must be sold as part of alfresco kitchen only.
8. Final decision to honour offer lies with Pyro Designs Alfresco Kitchens
9. Pyro design reserve the right to shorten or extend the campaign period.

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